Machine quilting tutorial

Learn the techniques and tips for machine quilting with these easy-to-follow tutorials. Enhance your quilting skills and create beautiful masterpieces with these step-by-step instructions.
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Simple Free Motion Quilting Tutorial -

Free motion quilting is still something I get asked about the most. It's so simple, and also so daunting at the same time! I'm DEFINITELY not an expert, and don't look too close at my stitches, but good doesn't have to be perfect, AND it's a great stress reliever! ;) While I was quilting...Read More

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How to Quilt on a Sewing Machine | The Sewing Korner

So, you bought a fancy sewing machine with all of the bells and whistles, and you’re determined to learn how to quilt with it. If you’ve never learned how to quilt on a sewing machine before, there’s no need to panic because the process is really much easier than you think. Quilting on a sewing […] Read more...

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How to Free-Motion Quilt on a Regular Sewing Machine?

Although it may seem like a regular sewing machine is not capable of free-motion quilting, the truth is you can do it on a sewing machine. Using a regular

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Machine Binding a Quilt: A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide for Beginners (with video)

Most quilters find the binding step to be the most time-consuming part of making a quilt but it doesn't have to be if you use your sewing machine. This method is a popular way to finish a quilt that both saves time (compared to hand sewing) and completes the quilt by giving it a nicely finished border edge. We personally sew all of our binding using a sewing machine as it's quick and easy and to be honest, we really don't like hand sewing all that much. This tutorial goes over the basics of…