Loop knot

Learn how to tie the loop knot like a pro and explore creative ways to use it in your crafts and outdoor activities. Enhance your skills and discover the versatility of the loop knot today.
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How to Tie a Perfection Loop? Video & Step-By-Step Instructions

This strong clean loop has the standing end of the line coming out of it in a straight line. Also known as the Angler’s loop as referred to in The Ashley Book of Knots, it is one of the easiest fly fishing knots to create a small loop at the end of a tippet or […]

Evan Mark
How to Do a Double Surgeon’s Loop: Surgeon's Knot Loop Instructions Fishing Line Knots, 1000 Lifehacks, Loop Knot, Survival Knots, Knots Guide, Make A Boat, Overhand Knot, Paracord Knots, Knots Tutorial

How to Tie a Double Surgeon’s Loop? Surgeon's Knot Loop Steps

The surgeon’s loop is also known as the double surgeon’s loop as it is made with a double strand. It creates a quick end loop in leaders and lines to enable them to connect to other loops. How to Tie a Surgeon’s Loop Tips While tying the above, you are basically creating a loose overhand […]

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