Light art installation

Transform your space with mesmerizing light art installations that create a captivating ambiance. Discover top ideas to bring a unique and artistic touch to your surroundings.
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23 | Fall 2012

Persimmon Tree is pleased to introduce noted Brazilian artist Regina Silveira to our readers. We honor her in this issue for the innovative work she has done over more than thirty years. Regina Silveira investigates the ways in which reality is represented. She employs various methods of projecting perspectives, reworking and deconstructing them to produce images …

Humbi Avila
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Dan Flavin

Explore the mesmerizing world of Dan Flavin's minimalist art! Immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of fluorescent lights with Artvy. Create stunning AI art with #aiart #stablediffusion #midjourney and join the #aiartcommunity. Let #Artvy unleash your creativity and visit for unforgettable AI-generated masterpieces. #aiartist #aigenerated #generativeart #algorithmart #deepart #deeparteffects #deepartio #dalle3 #artvy

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Samsung's Resonance exhibition invites visitors to make art with "everyday behaviours"

Samsung has created an interactive installation, called Resonance, that allows visitors to create art by breathing, talking and moving.

Lina Grundstam