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Unleash your creativity and explore exciting art projects. Get inspired with our top ideas to make art and express yourself through various artistic mediums.
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How To Paint "Let's Go Camping" Acrylic Painting Tutorial

This acrylic painting tutorial will demonstrate how to paint a camping theme painting on canvas! I just love the glowing stars through the trees and the string lights in this "glamping" scene! The contrast of

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How to Start Making Art Again (After Life Has Pulled You in Other Directions)

I recently received an interesting question from a reader - let’s call her Beth. (You know who you are. Thanks so much for the great question!) Beth has always had an interest in art, but has worked in a field unrelated to art for 10 years. Life has pulled her in other directions. Beth said that

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Discover Your Art Style

Join my style challenge + learn how to develop your own art style, design style, or drawing style by following my 90 Days of Design project! #90DaysofDesign Let's face it: every successful artist has their own style. Learn how to create your own original art in 90 days or less. Join my DESIG

Ashley Wilson
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The 7 Elements of Art and How-to Teach them - Ms Artastic

You might be asking, What are the 7 Elements of Art and How Do I Teach Them? The Elements 7 Elements of Art are: Line, Value, Color, Space, Shape, Form, and Texture and they are the foundations or building blocks that artists use to make art. Let's dive in and learn about the 7 Elements of Art, Which You Should Teach First, and How to Teach them.

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