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Discover the latest LED diode technology and brighten up your space with energy-efficient lighting solutions. Upgrade your home or office with top LED diode ideas and create a vibrant and eco-friendly environment.
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Practical Guide to LEDs 1 - Pick Your LED!

Practical Guide to LEDs 1 - Pick Your LED!: You've heard about LEDs. Chances are you've already tinkered with them. But there are so much details you probably don't know about. Sadly the resources available are often incomplete or just unpractical. This guide takes you all the way from a begi…

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Chanzon 5mm LED Diode Lights Assortment Kit Pack 60 pcs(6 colors x 10 pcs) (Diffused Round Lens DC 3V 20mA) Lighting Bulb Lamp Assorted Variety Color Electronics Components Light Emitting Diodes Parts

About this item Overview: 5 mm Frosted Foggy Round Small Lens (Viewing Angle: 20 degrees) 2 leads, 6 colors x 10pcs = 60pcs Mixed Leddiode, 10 for Each Single Color (White Red Green Blue Yellow Orange) White: 6000K-9000K(7000K 8000K) Red: 620nm-625nm Green: 515nm-520nm Blue: 455-465nm Yellow: 588-592nm(590nm 591nm) Orange(Amber): 600nm-610nm Shipping Weight: 1.0oz / 0.03kg, (Pack of 60) (6 Colours, Each Color 10pcs / Through Hole DIP 2pins 5mmled LEDs Set) Compatible with: Indicator Lights…

Тыкво Хомяк
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Constant Current LED (Arduino)

Constant Current LED (Arduino) : You probably have had that problem. You want to put lots of LED's on an output, but you don't really know how... Avery simple solution may be that you put all your LED's parallel to each another. Then, you calculate the resistor of them, and of you …

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