Leather flower tutorial

Learn how to make beautiful leather flowers with our easy-to-follow tutorial. Create stunning accessories and decorations using this step-by-step guide.
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How to Form Leather Flowers - Candie Cooper

This post brought to you by LeatherCord USA.April showers bring May leather flowers. This is part I of a two part post all about working with leather flowers to make jewelry and embellishments. Get excited because these things are like super yummy calorie free candy! Who can make the sunshine, already!?!These are just some of […]

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Floral Design experiments using leather - Sayuri

This march, I took a break from beading and crafting to work on creating floral concepts in leather for a Leather Company. Though I had worked on leather before (Leather design was my elective in college), developing flower techniques in leather was something I had no idea about. With hardly any reference points, I turned […]

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Leather Roses

Hi everyone, Looking around the web I have seen leather roses and other leather flowers. I can think of a lot of projects that Id love to use these 3D flowers for, and they look like a cool way to use up some scrap. Does anyone know where I can find patterns or instructions? The shapes look easy ...

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