Lavender gin

Indulge in the aromatic flavors of lavender gin with these delightful cocktail recipes. Discover how to create unique and refreshing drinks that will impress your guests.
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This Lemon Lavender Gin Spritz is a refreshing and fun cocktail filled with whimsy! Gin, lavender, and lemonade are the base of this drink - light and delicious. A float of butterfly pea pollen over top gives this a dramatic and festive flair!

Élisabeth Côté
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Honey Lavender Gin Lemonade is a recommendation for those who enjoy a refreshing twist on classic drinks. This cocktail combines the sweet floral hints of homemade honey lavender simple syrup with the tartness of fresh lemonade and the unique hue of Empress Gin. #honeylavenderginlemonade #lavendercocktails

Jordan Ramquist
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This light and refreshing Lemon Lavender Summer Spritz, made with the gorgeous, purple hued Empress Gin, is the cocktail we'll be drinking all summer long. Let’s be honest, this beautiful tipple is pretty much spiked lemonade. But instead of plain simple syrup, we've infused it with dried lavender petals and pink peppercorns.

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Unwind in style with our enchanting lavender-infused cocktails! 🌿🍹 Elevate your sipping experience with the soothing aroma and delicate flavor of lavender in every sip. From refreshing lavender lemonades to elegant lavender martinis, discover a symphony of floral notes that will transport your taste buds to a blissful paradise. Sip, relax, and savor the essence of tranquility with these exquisite recipes. 🌸✨ #LavenderCocktails

Andrea Zancanella
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The Lavender Gimlet is a lavender cocktail made from botanical gin, lime juice, and lavender simple syrup. It's an easy cocktail recipe in the sour family of cocktails that's the perfect for summer cocktail. Serve your lavender gimlet in a lowball cocktail glass over ice or neat in a coupe. Either way, the lavender gimlet is sure to become your favorite lavender cocktail.

Barbara Mislevy