Knife patterns

Explore a variety of unique and stylish knife patterns to add to your collection. Find the perfect knives that showcase both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
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Knife Poster - A Modern Guide to Knives - 24x36" - Waterproof Paper and Ink - Wall Decor Art

About this item COMPREHENSIVE - This 24x36" wall art includes everything you ever wanted to know about pocket knives. It's loaded with information and fun facts to educate yo'self about pocket knafs. DURABLE - made from high quality synthetic Yupo paper that is waterproof and tear-resistant. The ink is also waterproof so you can hang this poster in the shower, assuming that's your jam. EXPERT - the poster was written and designed by a dude who has spent 8 years in the knife industry. It was…

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Knife Patterns II

Please see the original Knife Patterns page for more templates and a brief tutorial on making a pattern. These are not to be considered perfect templates, but rather a starting point for you to tweak the curves and shape. Print the PDF and glue the selected size on to a piece of thin plywood, polycarbonate or other easy to work material. Ideally you will make a few different sizes and one of them will fit your piece of steel…

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US20020104220A1 - Hidden trigger double action folding knives

Folding knives of the double action type in which a pivoted blade can be moved from the sheathed position within the handle and lock automatically in the unsheathed use position in two different ways at the option of the user, namely, (a) to snap the blade into the use position via spring action by movement of a release trigger or (b) to silently unfold the blade manually into the use position, are improved by providing the knives with hidden release triggers, i.e., triggers that are not…

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