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Note: See Juggalo for the dark, rap-inspired subculture. See Fanfare for the circus/amusement park aesthetic. Clowncore (also known as Circuscore or Clownpunk) surrounds things such as clowns, mimes, and jesters. Content from this aesthetic is usually bright and happy, although some portrayals of clowncore can have horror influences. Other related aesthetics similar to clowncore can also have dark and disturbing content (clussy). The modern revival of this aesthetic was primarily fueled by…

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It’s always sweater weather when you have body dysmorphia! Okay but let’s be real, these cardigans are designed to be a hug just like from a comfy knit blanket. Each cardigan is designed to be as sensory friendly as possible. The material is made from 100% Cotton that is hand dyed to match the designated color. Both the material and that the knit is heavier than average is designed to help anyone with sensory issues. But the most important part is that all tags are in the front left pocket…