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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of K Project. Discover the intriguing characters, thrilling plot, and exciting twists that make this anime series a must-watch. Join the adventure today!
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HighSchool DxD: Crimson Ruin's Greatest Rival

Issei loses his rematch with Riser Phenex to save Rias from her forced engagement. However, Sirzechs has a second plan. He brings in the one person that knows Rias more than everyone, including Akeno and Sona combined. Her childhood friend, rival and crush she hates to admit, Ichiro Paimon. WARNING! I do not own HighSchool DxD or any photos used in this book!

zero horizon
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*Beanie and Skate board* Misaki Yata x reader SLOW UPDATES!! - About Tosuka and Mikoto...

I'm planning on only having this as a 20 story part the most but if I get carried away and have more then oh well. I really want more K-project books cuz it's a really good anime and there's not enough. So I'm sorry if you don't like it people. This book will be talking about how Yata gets a crush and has his famous beanie. Enjoy!! Actual description: Y/N is a strain. A very rare kind of strain to be honest. She has the ability of controlling light healing and earth. She is also Homras first…

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