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Discover the art of Japanese tea with traditional and modern ideas. Explore the rich flavors and calming rituals of Japanese tea culture for a truly authentic experience.
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Matcha tea, once exclusively prepared and consumed in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, was experiencing a global renaissance. As matcha took off, the marketing around the product quickly overtook the quality, creating an opportunity for Suntory-backed Stonemill Matcha to deliver a modern, yet authentic matcha experience. To introduce their premium offering, Stonemill set out to open […]

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Walking into the tea room at the Nichi Bei Kai Cultural Center in Japantown brings back memories from the time I visited Japan last summer. The authentic tatami mat, doors made from white mulberry paper, and a sign written in Japanese above a vase with wild flowers, decorate the tea room. The coordinators, dressed in...

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Tea drinking wabi sabi japanese style dark clay cup and teapot on wooden board with blooming cherry branches. Grey texture concrete background. Flat lay, space – License high-quality food images for your projects – Rights managed and royalty free – 13252388

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10. Green Tea http://custom.amanaimages.com/allabout/ImageInfo.do?refer=imageid&imageid=10341009153&d=1453296757451 You should really drink green tea as much as possible for prevention of colds anyway, but it’s even more important when you’re already sick. It's full of antioxidants and it helps your metabolism, but most of all it can kill harmful bacteria of all kinds, keeping you young, skinny and healthy. Green tea is sold everywhere in Japan in different kinds, qualities and price ranges…

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