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Explore a variety of mouth-watering Japanese food recipes and indulge in an authentic culinary experience. Discover the flavors of Japan and enhance your cooking skills with our top recipe ideas.
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Japan is often thought of as an expensive city to visit. Tokyo is one of the world largest metropolis and while finding a cheap place to stay might not always be a walk in the park, you can easily save money on eating out while still eating like a king!

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Welcome to Tokyo, the capital of Japan, a city that effortlessly blends the ancient and modern worlds, a metropolis that is fascinating, vibrant, and unforgettable. From vintage shops to speakeasies, quirky cafes to bustling malls, Tokyo has a lot to offer, making it the perfect destination for any type of traveler. Here are ten must-visit spots in Tokyo, some of which are off the beaten path and perfect for experiencing the local culture, and some classic spots you just can’t miss…

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Kyoto is full of great options when it comes to eating. It is known for Green Tea or Matcha and if you know me I love ANYTHING that contains those words. =) Here is a list of what to eat in Kyoto! Floresta Donuts inside Nishiki Market How cute is this donut though? Floresta Donuts is located