Irregular plurals

Explore the intriguing world of irregular plurals in English. Discover unique nouns that take on unusual forms when they become plural, and enhance your language skills.
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Irregular Plurals | Irregular Plurals Nounn in English Singular Plural Trout Trout Genus Genera Focus Foci Person People Tooth Teeth Curriculum Curricula Mouse Mice Wife Wives Deer Deer Vita Vitae Quiz Quizzes Index Indices Datum Data Aircraft Aircraft Woman Women Leaf Leaves Fish Fish Sheep Sheep Singular Plural Goose Geese Tuna Tuna Ellipsis Ellipses Codex Codies Lavra Lavrae Erratum Errata Oasis Oases Ox Oxen Swine Swine Trout Trout Analysis Analyses Series Series Child Children Foot feet…

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Irregular Plurals: Irregular nouns made plural by changing vowels, changing the word, or adding a different ending is called Irregular Plurals. We have prepared a list of Plurals based on Irregular Plurals and worksheet. You can download PDF below. Words on the chart: Child, Children, Woman, Women, Man, Men, cactus Cacti, Die, Dice, Foot, Feet, […]

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Irregular Plurals List in English Ellipsis –> Ellipses Codex –> Codies Lavra –> Lavrae Alumna –> Alumnae Erratum –> Errata Ox –> Oxen Oasis –> Oases Swine –> Swine Trout –> Trout Genus –> Genera Focus –> Foci Diagnosis –> Diagnoses Analysis –> Analyses Man -> Men Person -> People Foot -> Feet Tooth -> Teeth Child -> Children Mouse -> Mice Sheep -> Sheep Fish -> Fish Leaf -> Leaves Goose -> Geese Woman -> Women Aircraft -> Aircraft Apex -> Apices Bison -> Bison Crisis -> Crises Curriculum…

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Plural Nouns Spelling Rules Lets go on a fun-filled journey of mastering the art of pluralizing nouns! Changing a singular noun to its plural form can be as simple as adding an “s” or “es,” but there are some nifty rules to remember. Fear not, as we’ve broken them down into bite-sized interactive sentences with […]

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