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Delve into the adventures of Dib, a key character in the beloved animated series, Invader Zim. Uncover the secrets of this determined young boy and join him in his quest to save the world from the alien invader.
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Gazlene "Gaz" Membrane is a short-tempered and vicious girl and a major antagonist of the cartoon show Invader Zim and the deuteragonist of its 2019 film Enter the Florpus. Gaz is the younger sister of Dib and is a dark, curmudgeonly, brooding, and antisocial girl that only likes video games, books, and pizza. She is often either annoyed by or indifferent to Dib's obsession with the paranormal and his rantings about Zim being an alien. She does in fact know that Zim is an alien out to…

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