Interactive notebooks

Discover innovative ways to engage students with interactive notebooks. Enhance learning and make studying fun with these top ideas for interactive notebooks.
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How to Set Up an Interactive Notebook in Any Classroom

Interactive notebooks are useful in any subject area. In my science classroom, students used them for all of their Do Nows, all of their ...

Arielle Carpenter
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How to Use Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom - Sweet Tooth Teaching

Are you new to interactive note taking? This post shares everything you need to know about how to use interactive notebooks.

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Interactive Notebooks: Tips and Tricks for Elementary School

Tips and tricks for Interactive Notebook success. This post contains strategies to help make using Interactive Notebooks easy and effective.

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I was asked to present Interactive Student Notebooks at our Gulf Regional Innovative Teaching Conference. I have used them in my classroom for 4 years and was super happy to share all of the things I have stolen from other teachers! I only had 50 minutes to talk about something I could talk for days about! What better way to teach teachers about interactive notebooks than to have them create their own! This is also my love letter to Math Equals Love for putting her amazing ideas out into the…

Cassandra White
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Why I Don't Use Interactive Notebooks in my Secondary Classroom - It's Not Rocket Science

Interactive notebooks have been one of the biggest trends in education over the last few years, but are something I’ve never been able to buy into. I've

Stephanie Austin
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How to Use The Language Arts Interactive Notebook

This Language Arts Interactive Notebook is filled with over 30 pages of hands-on grammar activities for grades 4-8. Activities including everything from diagramming to figurative language.

Anna Hope
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My Interactive Notebook Setup - Busy Miss Beebe

Do not let your interactive notebook setup overwhelm you. They can be set up quickly and easily for a new school year. Read for tips and must-haves.

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