Indian children

Explore heartwarming stories of Indian children and their journey towards success. Learn about their resilience, achievements, and the impact they are making in their communities.
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Indian Girl

A girl sitting by the road, who was initially very happy to have her picture taken, but by the time I'd taken four shots, was beginning to wonder what she'd gotten herself into, as you can see from the look on her face. The first shot is posted below, so you can see the difference. But you will be happy to hear that all the smiles returned when I stopped after this shot, and showed her the pictures I'd taken.

Marigold - Gateway to India
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Indian Photographer Makes Works Of Art In His Photographs With Children As Inspirations (53 Pics)

Let us introduce you to Bibin Thottungal, a well-known Indian photographer whose passion for conceptual art is evident in all of his creations. Whether capturing weddings or children, his photographs give out a sense of mystery that could easily be mistaken for a still from a movie.

Shaji Bhanuvilas