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Discover how to create your own home forge for DIY metalworking projects. Explore top ideas, tips, and techniques to get started and unleash your inner blacksmith.
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15 Homemade DIY Forge Plans (Build a Blacksmith Forge)

Building your very own DIY forge is an exciting journey that beckons any craftsman interested in metalworking. This guide provides a comprehensive look into the world of crafting a blacksmith forge from scratch. With 15 homemade DIY forge plans at your disposal, you're set to build a forge that not only meets your blacksmithing needs but also reflects your personal craftsmanship style. Making a forge is about choosing the right type, gathering necessary materials, and funneling those into a…

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New forge build

Dad bought the parts from Jay Hayes back in 2003. I found the shell and burners while cleaning out the barn. Figured it was time to finish it. Made the back side as a cap to make is easier install the Kaowool and to service later. For the doors i used a couple of cheap chipping hammers for the ha...

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Learn to forge a hook, fork, spoon, bracelet, and letter opener in basic blacksmithing projects. Home Blacksmith Forge, Forging Projects For Beginners, Beginner Forge Projects, Forging Ideas Blacksmithing, Beginner Blacksmithing Projects, Forging Tools Blacksmithing, Blacksmith Beginners Projects, Simple Blacksmithing Projects, Beginner Forging Projects

5 Blacksmithing Projects For Beginners

Here we will show you five different ideas for beginner projects in blacksmithing. Through forging in the smithy, blacksmiths are empowered to create all kinds of projects, from practical tools to ornamental objects. Each of these blacksmithing projects teaches you several basic techniques that every blacksmith uses. As a plus, you end up with a tool that you can use in your own home. These are the five projects that you will learn in The Crucible’s Blacksmithing I.

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