History of quilting

Explore the rich and diverse history of quilting and how it has evolved over the years. Uncover the stories behind this timeless craft and be inspired to create your own quilted masterpieces.
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Use Up Those Scraps On This Lovely Quilt - Quilting Digest

Evoke the Past With This Modern Quilt Pattern! This gorgeous quilt would be beautiful made from fabric scraps. Or, do like designer Liz Porter did and collect reproduction fabrics. Either way, it’s sure to be a lovely addition to your home. The quilt is made up of two block patterns put together, 54-40 or Fight …

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dried and pressed sea-weed picture from the Channel Islands A FEW SAMPLES FROM MY COLLECTION OF LADIES AMUSEMENTS Yes I am back on the job and please forgive the gap, which was not a holiday but was caused by three big events in my personal life - the decisioj, for purely health reasons to leave my lovely old house where I planned to stay for a few more years, the decisiion to put it on the market which has involved a massive sort out of belongings and old stock, and thirdly the delight of…

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Roots and Traditions: The History of Early Quilting

Made with dedication, patience and love, traditional quilts have been passed on through families for thousands of years. Many still survive today, proving how durable the hand-crafted technique continues to be. This deep-rooted longevity might explain why quilting has remained such a popular and enduring habit, one that can still invoke the enveloping comfort and...

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A Quilting Thread #2: Written Documents

Mississippi, 1939 Library of Congress, Russell Lee photograph Another way to look at the history of quilting for pay is through written accounts, published and in manuscript form. Searches in the Library of Congress's newspaper database for the word "quilting" close to the word "spool" yielded several results. Here are some ads with prices by the spool and by the quilt. Mrs. Clarence Pace, late 1930s, Louisiana Library of Congress 1880 Texas 60 cents per spool The photos were found floating…

...the New York Foundation's grant to the [Freedom Quilting Bee] Cooperative [in Alabama] was used towards the construction of a new sewing building, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Sewing Center. Prior to its construction, the quilters worked in small, cramped cabins such as the one pictured here. Patchwork, Bee Photos, Hand Quilting Frames, Freedom Quilt, Quilt History, Puzzle Quilt, Quilt Pictures, African American Quilts, Gees Bend Quilts

New York Foundation Records: the Freedom Quilting Bee Cooperative | The New York Public Library

Handmade quilts from Gee's Bend, Alabama are now well known and admired across the country, even internationally. Their vibrant, improvisational minimalist designs are often compared to the paintings of Mark Rothko and (early) Frank Stella.

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