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ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Inflammation is your body's normal response to stress: it "turns on" temporarily to promote healing and then "turns off" when the emergency is resolved. However, chronic inflammation is when the emergency response never "turns off", creating further stress in the body. Many diseases have been linked with chronic inflammation, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, type II diabetes, cancer, hormone imbalances, arthritis, and Alzheimers. Many things contribute to chronic…

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DITCH STOCK chips, crackers, cookies with many ingredients or hydrogenated oils snacks with healthy oils, nuts + seeds candy, chocolate, cookies, pudding, jello, baked goods, sugary granola bars dried fruit, 70% dark chocolate, cacao nibs, trail mix, natural energy bars microwave popcorn whole kernel or pre-popped popcorn extra-virgin olive, avocado, coconut oil butter or coconut oil corn, soybean, canola, vegetable oil margarine maple syrup; honey; date syrup soda, juice, beverage mixes…

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influence gut permeability + motility break down macromolecules produce vitamins + short chain fatty acids regulate immune function compete with pathogens influence mood + mental health synthesize neurotransmitters regulate appetite influence adiposity + insulin sensitivity regulate energy metabolism interplay with hormones modulate inflammation WHAT GUT MICROBES DO FERMENTED FOODS + sauerkraut + kimchi + lacto-fermented veggies/pickles + yogurt/kefir + kombucha/water kefir PREBIOTIC FRUITS…

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Calcium* hard bones + teeth | nutrient transit | heart contractions | regulated by several hormones + vitamin D | most abundant cheese | yogurt | leafy greens | sardines | firm tofu |sesame seeds | seaweed | broccoli Ca PHOSPHORUS P SULFUR K POTASSIUM* Mg MAGNESIUM* Na SODIUM Cl CHLORIDE S balances with calcium | part of DNA, ATP, + membrane phospholipids | pH balance | hard bones + teeth SAD diet = too much carbonated beverages | processed foods | meat + seafood | dairy electrolyte…

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NOTE: Ideal to supplement in D3 form along with vit K2, vit A, & magnesium. UVB SUNLIGHT EXPOSURE ideal source (80%) synthesized in skin, converted to active forms as needed achieve with 15-30 min midday sun exposure to large skin areas (more if northern latitude, winter, dark skin, clothing, increased need) WHOLE FOOD not primary source (20%) fish, cod liver oil, liver, mushrooms fortified foods contain less active D2 form NATURAL SOURCES + deficiency common + abundant research showing…

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Digestive regularity is a critical part of your body's detoxification process. If you are not going daily, then your waste will sit there + be partially resorbed (rather than excreted). Constipation + loose stools can be thought of like 2 sides to the same coin: both indicate an imbalance in the gut

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The vagus nerve connects the brain with other major organs that function involuntarily (aka autonomically): the heart, lungs, digestive organs, liver, thyroid, adrenals, and kidneys. It is responsible for communicating parasympathetic messages that tell the body it is safe to calm down, receive, rest, and digest. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, heart rate and blood pressure decrease, breathing slows, and the digestive system is activated. Communication goes the other way when other…

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IMMEDIATE ENERGY because alcohol energy cannot be stored like fats & carbs, it has to be burned first (excess food energy is stored) A TOXIN the liver can usually handle small, occasional amounts but will become stressed if consumption is chronic AN ADDICTIVE DEPRESSANT alcohol triggers brain reward centers & blocks feelings of anxiety NEGATIVE NET NUTRIENTS besides being an empty source of micronutrients, alcohol also blocks mineral absorption and requires use of B vitamin stores RARELY…

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Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are produced when gut microbes ferment certain indigestible fibers. SCFAs benefit the body by improving cholesterol + triglyceride levels, insulin sensitivity, immune function, mitochondrial health, and systematic inflammation. Butyrate is the SCFA that remains concentrated in the gut and serves as the primary fuel for colon cells. It also promotes gut health by improving nutrient + water absorption, decreasing colon pH, increasing blood flood to the…

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