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Discover the power of laughter in improving your health. Explore funny and light-hearted ideas to boost your well-being and bring a smile to your face.
I Literally Just Did This. now Imma Eat Chicken Wings And A Burger. There’s No Bun So That’s Healthy Right? It’s Called Balance Y’all! what’s The One Thing You Have To Do For Your Mental Or Physical Health That You Have To Talk Yourself Into? *full Disclosure I Really Enjoy Walking, Although With My Unrested Bitch Face I Probably Look Just Like That * - @therealjoirizarry 📸 . . . . . #physicalhealthismentalhealth #mentalhealthmemes🖤 #mentalhealthisimportant #ph Funny Animals, Now Quotes, Behind Blue Eyes, Funny Animal Memes, E Card, Animal Memes, Bones Funny, Really Funny, I Laughed

When you’re in that miserable state of mind, sometimes a single meme can put a smile on your face. Luckily, one Austin, Texas-based non-profit community outreach organization is notorious for making hilarious memes out of relatable, often not too bright moments of our lives. So welcome to the safe place to talk about hard things, quoting our beloved Dr. Phil.

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