Haft seen

Celebrate Persian New Year in style with these beautiful Haft Seen table ideas. Create a festive atmosphere with traditional items and decorations that symbolize new beginnings.
Haft-Seen | SHIVA'S CREATIONS|LIVING CANVAS DESIGNS: Symbolism behind Norooz: The Persian New Year... Ancient Persian, Norooz Card, Norooz Design, Iranian New Year, Haft Seen, Persian New Year, New Year Art, Persian Art Painting, Ancient Persia

Symbolism behind Norooz: The Persian New Year...

ORIGIN OF THE HOLIDAY: NOROOZ نوروز March is a month of celebration. March 20 is when winter becomes spring. This transition of the season is the Spring Equinox, celebrated since ancient times, by people in many regions of central Asia and the middle-east. These regions were once part of the Persian Empire. The ancient Zoroastrian Persians celebrated this time as the New Year. It has been believed that it was introduced by Ahura-Mazda. They marked this occasion with many festivities that are…

Shiva Shahlapour | L.C.D.