Greenhouse shelving ideas

Maximize your greenhouse space with these creative shelving ideas. Organize your plants and create a beautiful display with these top ideas for greenhouse shelving.
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Get creative and make the most of your greenhouse's growing space with these tips and tricks. Learn from the gardening experts at BC Greenhouse Builders.

Tammy Warren-Melton
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Greenhouse Growing Bench: It all started in July when I had the brilliant idea it would be cool to put a greenhouse in my backyard. I’ve never grown anything in a greenhouse so this is becoming a slightly costly experiment, but if it works – WOW!! And……….while assembling the…

Maria Holmes
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If you're new to greenhouse growing, you're in luck. Arranging and laying out your greenhouse is a lot of fun. Crafting your workspace to make it comfortable and productive is the final step before you're ready to do some growing. If...