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Explore the enigmatic character of Bill Cipher in Gravity Falls and uncover the secrets behind this powerful being. Discover the hidden clues and dive into the mind-bending world of this iconic antagonist.
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I trust him (BillDip) - Chapter 5

Trigger Warning: Blood Strong language (Kinda?) Self harm ----------- Mabel and Dipper go back to California. Dipper starts to have weird dreams right after they leave Gravity Falls and he grows to be a little distant. He gets himself a boyfriend (Don't worry about him. He doesn't affect the main story). Dipper starts to feel strongly drawn to Bill as if some kind of a force is pulling him towards the Demon. Dipper's strange behavior is noticed by the family and their friends. They try to…

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Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher's enemies are Stan, Dipper Mabel, Soos, Grunkle Stan. Bill Cipher is a dream demon, who has appeared in episodes as pictures, Easter eggs, and even himself, he is also evil. He is also the main antagonist of Gravity Falls. Bill is one of the most mysterious of the creatures of Gravity Falls. Bill is an insane and physically irreverent demon who finds most things amusing (although no one is really sure why). He's outrageous and outlandish. Though he may come across as simply…

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