Funny couples texts

Get ready to laugh with these funny couples texts that capture the hilarity of relationships. Discover the funniest texts exchanged between couples and share a laugh with your partner.
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40 Texts and Posts About Boyfriends That Are Both Funny and...

Being in a relationship is always a beautiful thing, especially when it is with that special person who makes you feel complete. Every step and moment all come together to create memories, and some of these memories can be pretty hilarious. With smartphones, we get opportunities to document some of these memories on social media, even when they are just screenshots of our conversations.Sometimes, our significant others do the silliest of things, and we can’t even get mad at them because we…

Shanti Kissoon
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Man Expects Both Him And His Kids To Receive Wife’s Inheritance, End Up Excluded

This woman decided to hand down all her possessions to her two daughters, leaving nothing to her husband’s children, which he said was “horrible”.

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Just One Mistype

Imagine this scenario: upon waking up in the morning, you find out that you have overslept and now are late for work, so while pouring a quick cup of coffee you put salt instead of sugar in it. After you've locked the door and went halfway to work in your car, you spot that you are wearing your fluffy pink slippers, that are oh so inappropriate for work. When you've somehow managed to suffer through the day and decide to treat yourself with a nice meal on your way back home, lo and behold…

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