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Indulge in a hearty serving of food humor that will have you laughing out loud. Discover amusing jokes, puns, and memes that will satisfy your appetite for laughter.
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You know those playful meals parents make for kids so they'll eat vegetables? Well, Japanese food artist Sana takes this to a whole new level with her “Peanuts”-inspired dishes. She is seemingly able to turn any food into the characters of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, and this creativity has earned her 120K followers on Instagram.

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Jolanda Stokkermans is a married mom living in Koersel, a small village in Belgium, with two children and two Jack Russells. One of her superpowers is meal prepping. Roughly a year ago, Jolanda started creating easy recipes and taking pictures of them, and got so carried away with it, she began presenting the food on a plate in the shape of famous actors, gorgeous flowers, and adorable animals.

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