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Chia Seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and have been called "the miracle seeds." They are packed with antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and water, and are an extremely versatile ingredient that is sure to delight in both sweet and savory recipes.

Sara Rogers
This tomato basil cottage cheese flatbread is a twist on the viral sensation that's packed with 40 grams of protein. In this recipe, you'll find this is an easy keto recipe that low carb, perfect for lunch, great for sandwiches, and only 4 ingredients. This keto wrap can also be made with just cottage cheese and eggs, then baked to perfection. Great high protein bread substitute! You have to try this high protein lunch idea. Cottage cheese recipes! Egg And Cottage Cheese Bread, Joseph’s Lavish Bread Recipes, Healthy Recipes No Carb, Cottage Cheese Flatbread Recipe Keto, Cottage Cheese Bread Keto, Keto Flat Bread Recipes, Flatbread Sandwich Recipes, Bread Cheese Recipes, Keto Cottage Cheese Bread

This tomato basil cottage cheese flatbread is a twist on the viral 2-ingredient recipe, combining the rich, savory flavors of sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil with the creamy goodness of cottage cheese. High-protein, low-carb meals should be both delicious and easy, and this is perfect for those looking for a flatbread substitute that actually tastes good. The crispy edges and fluffy interior make the perfect sandwich for lunch, dinner, and it's just as easy to enjoy on its own as a snack…

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