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Discover the captivating world of Fairy Tail and get to know its enchanting characters. Join Natsu, Lucy, and their friends on thrilling adventures and experience the magic of this beloved anime series.
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Gajeel/Part II

Black Steel Gajeel (黒鉄・ガジル Kurogane Gajiru) is one of the main protoganists of Grandline: Shinsekai. He is one of the Harbingers and the former captain of the reborn Iron Soul Pirates, now a member of the Red Wing Pirates once more. Gajeel was born as the son of Pirate Lord Black Blood Graud. He was raised by a band of petty thieves, who raised Gajeel into a cruel and sadistic pirate who would eventually start the Iron Soul Pirates in order to take over the South Blue. This would lead Gajeel…