Fail nails

Avoid common nail art mistakes and achieve flawless nails with these expert tips. Learn how to create stunning nail designs and perfect your manicure skills for a fail-proof look.
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40 Examples Of Beauty Salons Doing People Dirty

Anyone who’s ever experimented with their looks knows that mistakes can occur no matter what. That's why we usually turn to beauty salons where professionals do their magic. Whether we hope for a gorgeous hair color or a fabulous new cut, we can already imagine us confidently emerging from the salon and going out to conquer the world. But just as our previous features about makeup fails and tragic hair accidents proved, that’s not always the case.

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This Russian Nail Salon Starts The Weirdest Nail Trends, Here’s 45 Of Them

Nails are one of the trendiest topics in the beauty industry. Because what fashionista doesn't love to show off her perfectly manicured nails? With nails salons being a booming business, competition is tough, so some salons must get creative to attract new clientele. For our entertainment, there's one salon that probably outdid all of their competitors by creating designs that are going viral all over the internet.

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