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+50 Prepositions In, On, At - English Study Here

+50 Prepositions In, On, At IN ON AT in time on watch at high speed in demand on the record at one’s side in of focus on the road at a fraction of in an uproar on oath at the outset in answer to on pain of at the end in anticipation of on the air at sight in arrears on balance at the double in danger on a diet at one time in debt on a journey at a discount in decline on a trip at a distance in defense of on a large scale at a glance in

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English Language Levels Explained (And Test Your Level!)

Looking to improve your English language level? Our comprehensive guide will help you identify where you are & how to reach a higher CEFR level.

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11 Example Sentences Who, Whose,Whom and Definitions - English Study Here

11 Example Sentences Who, Whose,Whom and Definitions WHOSE WHOSE is a pronoun. It is used in questions to ask who owns something. It is a possessive pronoun. Example; her, his, our and etc… Examples Whose gloves are these? Whose notebook was stolen in the class? This is Mary, whose mother went to university with me. Alex whose mother is an Math teacher lives in London. Here are WHOM WHOM is an object pronoun. Example; him, her, us… It should be used to refer to the object of a verb or…

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Detailed Conjunctions List in English - English Grammar Here

Detailed Conjunctions List in English Comparision Evidently Eqaully As with Likewise In the same way Similarly Like Of contrast Conclusion To conclude In conclusion Finally On the whole Summarizing Overall To sum up Despite this In comparison In contrast Even though illustration For example Such as For instance Such as In other words An instance As revealed by To show that In the case of As an example For one thing Conclusion To conclude In conclusion Finally On the whole Summarising Overall…

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Cambridge English: B2 First (FCE) - Best table

Are you thinking of taking the Cambridge English: B2 First exam? The table below shows at a glance the different parts of each paper (Use of English, Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking). It also lists the knowledge and skills tested in each part of the exam and includes links to download very useful resources to help you pass the different parts of this test.