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Enhance your English grammar skills with these interactive and entertaining games. Explore top ideas to make learning grammar enjoyable and effective.
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Board Game - The Writing Game

Teaching (and attending) writing classes can get a bit boring sometimes. This board game aims to put more fun (and competition) into writing. With the prompts given on each square, players or team try to make sentences and get to the finish line first. SAMPLE ANSWERS and instructions included on game board. Let´s make writing a joy! - ESL worksheets

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Present Perfect vs. Past Simple -Board game - English ESL Worksheets Present Perfect Activities Games, Present Perfect Vs Present Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect Vs Past Simple Worksheet, Past Simple Games Activities, Speaking Board Game, Present Perfect And Past Simple, Past Simple Vs Present Perfect, English Board Games, Present Simple Worksheets

Present Perfect vs. Past Simple -Board game

Divide students into pairs, they should throw a die, the number on the die will show which sentence the students need to make - in the Present Perfect or Past Simple tense. - ESL worksheets