Easy loom beading patterns

Create beautiful and unique jewelry with these easy loom beading patterns. Explore a variety of designs and techniques to make your own stunning accessories.
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Bead and tapestry looms for everyone from the novice crafter to the professional artist. They can make everything from beaded jewelry to tapestry wall-hangings.

Jessica West
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I made these bracelets almost a year ago and I have no idea why I’ve never posted them! My first attempt at loom work was a disaster and it was almost an entire year before I attempted it again. I had purchased a simple bead loom at my local craft store and followed some simple instructions from the manual but I quickly gave up and let it collect dust. Until one day I came upon a photo of Anabel Campbell’s Navajo Loom bracelets. They were so gorgeous with their metallic pastel colors that I…

Vivian Iacoboni
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Learning to create loom jewelry opens a world of possibilities for jewelry designs. You can loom bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belts, headbands, bag straps, and more. One of the greatest appeals of loom pieces is the ease in which you can create so many different designs. Unlike bead weaving where you often add one bead at a time, loom beading allows you to add entire rows of beads at once. These rows lay in nice straight lines which also makes pattern making easy. Another appeal of…

Pilar Rocha