Easy lasagna recipe without ricotta or cottage cheese

Discover easy and mouthwatering lasagna recipes that don't require ricotta or cottage cheese. Try these flavorful alternatives and satisfy your lasagna cravings tonight!
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Easy Meat Lasagna Recipe

My family loves this Easy Meat Lasagna Recipe because it doesn't contain any ricotta cheese and the two different types of meat make it extra filling. This hearty homemade lasagna only requires a few simple ingredients and freezes well.

Cynthia Evatt
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Easy Lasagna without Ricotta Cheese

This easy lasagna recipe has been a family favorite for decades - and it really is so simple! It only requires a few simple ingredients, and for those looking for a lasagna without ricotta, this one fits the bill. It freezes beautifully, too!

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Best Lasagna - No ricotta Recipe

An easier, quicker version of the the classic Italian lasagna recipe made with ground beef. A rich decadent lasagna with no ricotta.

Jessica Hoagland