Dreadlock beads

Elevate your dreadlock hairstyle with our collection of unique and stylish beads. Explore our top ideas to add a touch of personality and flair to your locks.
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Macrame Dread Bead Customizable Dread Jewelry // 8 Mm Diameter AFRICAN SANDS - Etsy

Hand-knotted macrame dread bead "AFRICAN SANDS" with or without pendant in 6 different color combinations with a diameter of 8 mm. You can choose from 52 pendants for the finish. The yarn is Brazilian Linhasita knotting yarn and is very durable (colorfast, water- and tear-resistant). The pendants No. 1-30 are electroplated zinc pendants, beads with pendants No. 31-52 are handmade from Indian brass and are completely waterproof, rust-free and nickel-free (please follow the care instructions…