DIY dolls pram

Create a special and unique dolls pram for your little ones with these creative DIY ideas. Make playtime even more fun and memorable with personalized prams that they will love.
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When Jane's baby sister was imminent, she started taking more interest in her doll again, wanting to put it to bed like the new baby would be. So, for her birthday, I made her a carry cot, which enabled her to do that. I couldn't find quite the pattern I needed on the internet (at least, not for free, and that's what my blog is all about). So I had to design my own. You can find out how I made it by reading on. There was a bit of trial and error involved, so you are getting the nitty gritty…

Christine Scannell
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Hello mini friends... I hope this post finds you all well. Last time I posted I told you I would be showing you the new improvements I have made on my prams... Well I had an order from a lovely lady (I do have some wonderful customers) and we chatted about a few old things as you do, and I ended up making a carriage pram rather like the Oberon in a previous post but this time for an adult dh doll to push. To add to this she asked me could I make her a little crib like the one she had as a…

Andrea Kafková
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See also Ponfa Pram restoration - Part 1, Ponfa pram restoration - Part 2, Ponfa pram restoration - Part 3 and Ponfa pram restoration - Part 4. With the chassis, wheels, body and hood frame restored, I could turn my attention to re-covering the hood. I had sourced some laminated cotton fabric from the USA via Etsy and also bought some Silver Cross pram fabric via eBay. I bought some water resistant fabric samples from boat suppliers and weighed up the pros and cons of each. I also…

Hilda Bergsma
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Don’t you just love those wicker doll prams you see all over Instagram, every lifestyle/baby influencer seems to have one. I thought one of them would make the perfect prop for a shoot I’m doing with Kiki but when I looked online I wasn’t so keen on the prams price tag, they go from £70 and up! Th

Monique van der Spek