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INSTANT DOWNLOAD & ACCESS AFTER PURCHASE This Cute Fairy Garden Cafe or CottageCore Theme Discord template is sure to make you look professional and grow your community! The template includes categories and channels! Add your own text and emojis, create new channels or delete ones you don't need! Get your server up and running in a breeze! Add whatever you wish into the already made channels. Add anime or kawaii emojis for a pretty and complete look! 🌟 This cute kawaii garden cafe discord…

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Irene redirects here. For the daughter of Mystogan and Erza Knightwalker, see Irene (Edolas). Irene Belserion (アイリーン・ベルせリオン Airīn Beruserion) was part of the Alvarez Empire as the strongest woman of the Spriggan 12, the protection guard of Emperor Spriggan. She also led the Irene Squad, her own personal squad, within the Empire.[4] She is regarded as the Scarlet Despair (緋色の絶望 Hīro no Zetsubō) in the Empire, due to her peerless magnitude of power.[5][6] She is the mother of Erza Scarlet[7]…