Digestion activities

Make learning about digestion fun with these engaging activities for kids. Discover hands-on experiments, games, and worksheets to help children understand the digestive system.
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Digestion Experiment for Kids- DIY Stomach Model - Team Cartwright

Digestion experiment for kids! An easy science experiment from at-home materials about how the stomach breaks down food. Anatomy science for kids.

Kate Chatman
Supply list and instructions for a virtual trip of a lunch through the digestive system. #science #homeschool Digestive System Project, Digestive System Activities, Human Body Homeschool, Digestive System For Kids, Apologia Anatomy, Human Body Lesson, Human Body Unit Study, Science Homeschool, Human Body Projects

A Trip Through the Digestive System (Apologia A & P)

It was my turn to organize the project/lab for our co-op of Apologia’s Human Anatomy and Physiology. We just finished Chapter 4 on the digestive system where the suggested project was to make a digestive themed amusement park. That seemed a little more “arts & crafts” than science to me so I went in search of something better—AND FOUND IT! I found my inspiration from two websites: O2 learn has a great video of the process, but no materials list (you’ll want to watch it for her great British…

Beth B
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Teaching the Digestive System by "Making Poop" with Your Students - Science Journal for Kids and Teens

A memorable hands-on classroom activity to teach the human digestive system at elementary, middle and lower high school level.

Federica Molitierno
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Digestion Experiment - Human Digestive System for Kids

Learn about the human digestive system for kids twith this memorable digestion experiment. ZANY human body project making poop!

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