Crazy scrap quilts

Get inspired by these crazy scrap quilts that are bursting with color and creativity. Explore top ideas to create your own unique and vibrant quilt masterpiece.
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FREE PIECED FABRIC MAKING OK players! Got your bin of scraps? Here's a step by step of 15 minutes of play... Put those strips of fabric away and dig out all your little bits... This will be 15 minutes of sewing... They go together quickly, Don't think, just sew! I have a box under my sewing table that I put all my itty bits in that I save for making fabric. Grab a handful of various sized scraps. Sew one on, press open. This is a good place to add in angles. Is it looking to straight up and…

Angelica Niño
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My daughter has a friend that celebrated her birthday last week. I wanted to make her friend a pillow (I've had it in mind for months!) and even though I didn't feel like I had the time to make it, I whipped it up anyway. It's amazing how much one can get done with a little bit of focus and a deadline. A lot of these cute scraps came from my friend Mary. (Thanks Mary!!!) My daughter had picked them out and squirreled them away as her favorites. I couldn't think of a better project to use…

Judith Stewart
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Crumb Quilt VS Crazy Quilt, both patchwork techniques are made with scraps of fabric, but which one is better and easier to make? When you love to make quilts or to sew, sooner or later you will end with a basket full of scraps of fabric, small and big, and as any other quilter these

Mary Klein
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It's the first day of summer and here in Arizona and it is HOT, HOT, HOT! It's definitely time to hole up in my studio and make new things until cooler weather is with us again. This year I got back from my latest trip and started studio clean up. Usually that process begins with putting away my scraps from recent projects, but this time I was confronted with this image. What a wreck! Not only can I not find anything in my scrap drawers, but I also can't fit any more in those drawers. As yo

Robin Pollack