Concrete kitchen

Transform your kitchen into a modern and stylish space with these concrete kitchen ideas. Discover how concrete countertops, floors, and accents can add a unique touch to your kitchen design.
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Blanco Bungalow DIY Microcement Kitchen Design

Week six of the Blanco Bungalow Kitchen remodel where we are building our 1920's Spanish Bungalow kitchen from scratch using concrete blocks and microcement.

Jody Brabant
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Blanco Bungalow Concrete Kitchen Remodel - Week Five — Blanco Bungalow

It's week five of our Blanco Bungalow California Kitchen Remodel. We're building concrete and cement cabinets and countertops from scratch and finishing them with microcement. Follow along with us as we renovate our 1920's Spanish Bungalow Kitchen

Zuleika Van
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Our Spanish Bungalow Kitchen Reno: Week 4 (Concrete Countertops, Micro-Cement Cabinets, and HVAC) — Blanco Bungalow — Blanco Bungalow

It's week 4 of our Spanish Bungalow kitchen renovation. We're pouring concrete countertops, building cement cabinet bases, installing hvac and prepping the countertops for microcement.

Fiona Lailvaux