Complementary color wheel

Discover how to use the complementary color wheel to create visually striking and harmonious color combinations. Enhance your designs with this powerful tool.
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With sight dominating our senses, it is no surprise that colors have come to hold so much meaning and importance in our culture. Consciously and unconsciously, we use color to signify our feelings: a red rose for our love, a yellow one for a good friend. With colors so closely tied to emotion, and emotion

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Color Theory for Beginners: Using the Color Wheel and Color Harmonies

Learn color theory and how to choose colors that work well together: with the color wheel, color harmonies and color palettes. #colortheory

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Finally, COLOR EXPLAINED by an expert in a way that everyone can understand

Creating Color HarmonyPutting together harmonious color combinations begins with understanding how we see colors and the relationships of each hue to one another.

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For the Love of Color: A New Color Wheel!

It is officially love day, and we couldn’t be more excited! Valentine’s Day is a time designated to focus on and celebrate the relationships that matter most, and, in case you didn’t know, you are …

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