Chocolate work

Enhance your sweet creations with delicious chocolate work techniques. Explore top ideas to add a touch of elegance and indulgence to your desserts.
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Learn how to temper chocolate using your microwave with this easy guide. You'll have beautiful, shiny tempered chocolate in no time!

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A perfect pairing of dark chocolate with a fresh and fruity apricot confit. The bright design of the bonbons underline the flavour of the apricot. These bonbons will leave you wanting more.Special material requirements • 2 Polycarbonate chocolate moulds (CW2295) • Scraper • 2 Piping bags • Pure alcohol (at least 94%) • Cotton pads • Thermometer (preferably laser) • 2 brushes • Spray gun & compressor (optional) or 2 wide brushesRecipeYield: 64 bonbons | Difficulty: hard IngredientsDecoration4

Sarah Moore