Chocolate chunk cookies

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience with these mouthwatering chocolate chunk cookies recipes. Discover how to make perfectly soft and gooey cookies that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
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These are MY favorite chocolate chip cookies. Except there are no chocolate chips. Instead, I’ve chopped up semi sweet chocolate chunks and a milk chocolate hershey’s bar, added some pecans and topped with sea salt. Thick, but not cakey. Crisp edges, chewy centers. Dark brown sugar adds the perfect flavor. You can bake them right […]

Sonya Duran
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My Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies have the perfect balance of slightly crispy edges and super soft, tender, and chewy centers. I love how the brown butter contributes to the nutty caramel notes and gives the cookies a slight denseness, which makes the cookies have a satisfying, substantial texture. You've love the semi sweet chocolate chunks in each bite and how the flaky salt adds a delicate crunch and burst of saltiness.

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Your search for the best chocolate chip cookies ends here. This chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe is made with browned butter and huge chunks of chocolate for the perfect, crunchy on the outside, gooey in the middle cookie of your dreams. Pair one of these bad boys with glass of cold milk for the best cookies and milk of your life?

Michelle Jenkins