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Learn how to start and manage your own chicken farm with expert tips and ideas. Find out everything you need to know about raising chickens and creating a successful farm.
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At our farm, we raise our chickens on grass, rotating them about once or twice weekly to new pasture. We have built two chicken houses on wheels: one for roosting and one for laying eggs. This means the chickens have a dedicated house for daytime egg laying which is much cleaner than where they […]

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Have you ever met a chicken? I mean really looked at one of those clucking, crazed birds and wondered what the HELL was going on in there? I had not. Until I went out to Fili-West Farms and met... The Chicken Lord. Today we’re diving into a chicken and egg story about cleaner, greener f

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If you are talking about a broiler and you have not mentioned weight, bro! you are not talking about broiler, I will assume you are talking about quail. Never mind, consumers are willing to pay more for heavy and weighty broilers. The main objective of raising a broiler is to hit the "target weight". as early as possible, but sometimes we fail to achieve this target due to some known or unknown causes.

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