Chicken coops homemade

Discover creative and practical ideas for homemade chicken coops. Build a comfortable and secure coop for your feathered friends with these DIY tips and tricks.
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Sarah, a Backyard Farming reader has sent us pictures of her newly built chicken coop. Her and her husband used these plans, and they did a fantastic job! Their property backs up to the woods which is full of all sorts of predators and wildlife, so they have installed chicken wire on the bottom to help deter the predators. Way to go Sarah, enjoy your girls!

Leah Webb
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We've been raising meat chickens for a few years now and each year we've learned a few things to add to our list of disasters and a few to add to our triumphs. Let me explain how we started. A few years ago when we lived in the city we built the worlds most expensive chicken coop. You can read about it here. In many ways it was fabulous - for 6 chickens. When you get a few more - like 50 meat birds - it won't do at all. Every summer that we've had chickens at the farm they've been in…

Noor Al Abadi