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Uncover the secrets of a charming man and learn how to captivate others with charisma. Explore top ideas to enhance your own charm and make a lasting impression.
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loving aurora

aurora had a pretty hard life she would take constant beatings from her "parents" but that did not stop her from becoming pretty well known in the underground world oh, let not forget she was kidnapped when she was 2 fast forward 15 years later what happens she finds out she the mafia princess of the Spanish mafia find out how she will cope with everything that happens, NOT EDITED I have to go back and fixed a lot of things #4 in Italian-

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Le cabinet des rugosités

Amis du jour, bonjour ! C'est avec une joie non dissimulée que je vous présente une nouvelle rubrique intitulée : In-Folio We Trust, car peu importe sous quel format (livre de poche, gros pavé, ou même B.D... ), la littérature sera et restera à toujours la lumière de l'ombre, le capteur d'une mémoire passée ou future, le carburant de l'âme, le tapis volant de l'imaginaire, où chaque auteur gravera ses mots sur une partition, et nous embarquera selon sa propre cadence vers des nappes de…

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Top 50 Most Handsome Man

When we think of being beautiful or good-looking, we naturally consider women. However, men should also consider being both charming and attractive. Women are generally drawn to attractive men who ooze an enticing charm. The article below features the most handsome man in the world and their background career. Read on;