Catholic school

Explore the advantages of a Catholic education for your child. Learn about the strong academic curriculum, nurturing environment, and character development that sets Catholic schools apart.
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3 Things I Wish People Knew About Catholic Schools - Team Whitaker

Raise a ruler and pull up your knee socks if you’re excited that it’s National Catholic Schools week. This weekend, the Diocese of Austin held one kick-tail dinner, benefiting all our 22 Catholic schools. Our keynote was Cardinal Dolan and he did not disappoint. There was something – okay, lots of things – he said that…

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7 Reasons Catholic School Matters - Kathryn Whitaker

We all expect our kids to be changed through a Catholic school education, right? But who knew I’d be changed, too? Earlier this week, I shared the biggest Catholic school myths. Trust me, I’ve heard every argument against Catholic school. Seen every statistic. Listened to every story-gone-wrong. I know this much is true: no educational…

Amanda Soucier