Cardboard Playhouse

Spark your child's imagination with these creative cardboard playhouse ideas. Build a fun and interactive play space for your little ones to enjoy hours of imaginative play.
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Do the words "pillow fort" conjure parental fear of messy blankets, all the couch cushions ruined, and all your children sleeping out of their beds for the foreseeable? Well, that last one might be true. But these are #quarantimes, people! Might as well make this time at home special with the help of some sheets, twinkle lights, and just a little bit of magic. But don't just stop at pillow forts. You can build blanket forts, cardboard forts, a simple fort with just a sheet and a clothesline…

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A den for all seasons. Indoors and out! Outdoor Movie Night Ideas, Cardboard Box Houses, Movie Night Ideas, Cardboard Play, Cardboard Crafts Kids, Outdoor Movie Night, Cardboard Playhouse, Cardboard Box Crafts, Cardboard Toys

Children love dens - crawling into small spaces, being hidden away, adding their own treasures, pretending to be somewhere else - is all so appealing! One nursery setting explain how they are using a wooden pod, usually found outdoors, to bring the excitement of a den inside.

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What is it about cardboard and wrapping paper that is so bewitching to a kiddo? I remember forsaking all other toys any time a big ol’ cardboard box entered my childhood home. If you had given me the choice of a fort made of cardboard and duct tape versus one of those Fisher Price playhouses,…


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