Camper cupboards

Transform your camper's storage space with creative and functional cupboard ideas. Discover top ideas to maximize storage and keep your camper organized and clutter-free.
Make your own magnetic rack- this one is for spices but would be great in the craft room for tiny embellies! Spice Rack Storage, Magnetic Spice Racks, Camper Organization, Magnetic Spice, Camper Storage, Rv Makeover, Spice Racks, Rv Living Full Time, Rv Storage

Before we moved into our present home, we lived in a 2,000-square-foot loft in an urban neighborhood. Our kitchen took up over 200 square feet of that open space with cupboards and cabinets galore, and an island counter that was so massive, friends joked about having go-go dancers groovin' on it whi

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Van fit outs are becoming more and more popular here at Drifta – whether you’re looking for a… BUDGET STYLE CAMPER TRADIES / WORK FIT OUT ORGANIZED STORAGE SOLUTION CUSTOM LAYOUT TO SUIT YOUR REQUIREMENTS 12V INSTALLATION (aux battery / lights / inverter / 240V charger input) ….then Drifta can…

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