British humor

Experience the wit and charm of British humor with these hilarious jokes. Get ready to laugh out loud and brighten up your day with the best of British comedy.
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50 Memes That Display British Humor At Its Finest

Friends, pandas, countrymen, lend me thine ears! For 'tis a page of memes from the island of Britain that I present upon you. Okay, okay, no more poor attempts at Shakespeare-speak, I promise. I won't bore you with the usual British stereotypes either – mentioning crumpets, double-decker buses and saying 'rubbish' when something's really bad.

F. S.
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“British Moments”: 30 Hilarious Memes About Being British That Are Absolute Jokes

You probably know already how much we love the British and their culture here at Bored Panda. This quirky nation which is home to a smashing sense of humor mixed with brilliant sarcasm and self-reflection has proven time and again that Brits are some of the best entertainment sources.

Susan Povey