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Learn about the iconic style and captivating life of Bridgette Bardot. Discover the secrets to achieving her timeless beauty and find inspiration for your own fashion and beauty choices.
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Consider the Turtleneck: The 35 Most Important Women in Turtlenecks - Brooklyn Magazine

Consider the turtleneck: Is there any other item of clothing which manages to reveal so much even as it appears to hold everything back? A woman in a turtleneck is the ultimate power move, allowing her to show off everything that can’t really be seen, hiding while also in plain sight. It’s a sartorial signifier of restraint,...

Tanya Roub
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20+ Rare Celebrity Photos From the Past We Wish We’d Seen Earlier

Nowadays with magazines, television, and the internet flooded with countless celebrities’ pictures and videos, it’s always a pleasure to see some of their rare candid pictures showing them at home, on set or in other situations hidden from the public eye. Stay with us if you want to see Audrey Hepburn during one of her early auditions, Arnold Schwarzenegger walking through Munich in his swimming trunks, Salvador Dali sunbathing on a boat and a bonus picture showing the participants of the…

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