Books to read fall 2023

Explore a curated list of must-read books for Fall 2023. Discover captivating stories, intriguing characters, and immerse yourself in the world of literature this season.
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The Year of Pleasures

Over her long career, Berg has consistently written strong female characters at many ages and stages. In this book, I appreciate her portrait of small town life, her recently widowed 55 year old protagonist, and the significance of different kinds of friendship to the story. When the main character was in a bad way, it wasn’t a man who came to her rescue—it was her friends. (Fun fact: Liane Moriarty cites Berg as her favorite author and early inspiration.)

Kristi Gordon
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Literary Friday: Thoughts on Reading

These books are a few of my favorite creative books I've been enjoying lately. Happy Literary Friday, My Lovelies! I have been in a reading slump lately. This has not been a banner summer for my reading life. Nope! Not at all. I really wanted to share a book I've read and loved this week, but it's not meant to be. So instead, I'll share a few thoughts on reading and recommend a few new releases this autumn that should be good reads because the authors are among my favorites. Lately I've been…

Corrine Damp